50th Anniversary of Shri Radha Krishna Mandir – Article by Mr Bhim Virmani ji And Dr Yogesh Virmani

by | Feb 3, 2020

As part of our Mandir’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2019, we reached out to our devotees to send us memories of their associations with the Mandir to include in the commemorative brochure.   

We are very thankful to all who sent in their thoughts and contributions.  You will all agree that our brochure was a great success with a variety of messages ranging from members of parliaments to our devotees.  Unfortunately, we missed the article from one our are esteemed devotees, Mr Bhim Virmani ji and Dr Yogesh Virmani ji and as a consequence were unable to include it in the brochure in time for the publication. So, as not to disappoint anyone and also to show our great appreciation of their unconditional support to our Mandir, we are adding his article to our website for all to read.

We would like to thank Mr Virmani ji and Dr Yogesh Virmani ji for the wonderfully written and informative article.