Golden Jubilee Celebration: 21 – 23 June 2019

by | Oct 8, 2019

SHREE RADHA KRISHNA MANDIR was established at Gandhi Hall in 1969 to serve the religious needs of the worshipers from the Hindu community as well as to promote and preserve Hinduism, Indian culture and its religion. It was the first Hindu temple in whole of Greater Manchester.

The time had come now to acknowledge how benevolent God had been to our Shree Radha Krishna Mandir during all these 50 years and to commemorate the completion of 50 glorious years the Trustee / Executive Committee of the Hindu Religious Society (HRS) unanimously decided to celebrate its GOLDEN JUBILEE , filled with deep inspiration and divine joy by performing the 3 days.

SHRI SANKAT MOCHAN HANUMAN MAHA YAGYA” from 21 June – 23 June 2019. The Maha Yagya was also performed to pray for global peace, and of course for the betterment of oneself.

It was indeed an honor to perform the above prestigious MAHA YAGYA by our Head Priest Shastri Krishan Joshi ji and distinguished Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya ji Maharaj and Swami Gyananand ji Maharaj who had specially come from India, as well as by 6 scholarly priests invited from different parts of the UK. There were also two singers from Vrindawan in India.

A total of 14 yajmans from the community had very kindly offered to support the celebrations. They participated in the pooja and the Maha Yagya during all the three days. The opening ceremony on day one started with the ceremonial lighting of the JYOTE to invoke divine blessings for the successful accomplishment of the programme. This was followed by Shastri ji, joined by other priests in conducting the Kalash Pooja while all the Yajmans sat at their designated seats. After this ritual, the two Swami ji’s, all the priests, yujmans and other devotees numbering around 90 + came out of the hall for the start of the Shoba Yatra, which started when the yajmans held the Kalash on their head and walked behind the Sant’s, Brahmins and other devotees followed. The parade went from the mandir to the top of Brunswick Road and then returned back to the mandir. Many did this with bare feet, and many danced and enjoyed with music.

After coming back into the hall, there was welcoming of the guests / devotees by Mr. N. Bhatt, Trustee.  Then further pooja took place being Sankat Mochan Abhishek, where Hanuman ji’s statute was placed in a big vessel and all the yajmans bathed Hanuman ji with milk whilst the pandits continued reciting the mantras.

There was then a lunch break, after which the Maha Yagya took place in the presence of a large number of devotees (170+) in the marque set up outside the hall.

All the yajmans performed the Maha Yagya with great devotion and the chanting of the mantras by the pandits was remarkable.

After the Maha Yagya, everyone was back in the hall and we had some pravachans from both the Swami ji’s and also some devotional songs from the professional singers from India after which priti bhojan was served.

All in all, the 1st day was a good start to the 50th Anniversary celebration.

On Saturday 22nd June (the 2nd day) there was an early start, pooja beginning at 9.30 am, followed by the Maha Yagya. It was a lovely atmosphere with devotees coming from different parts of the country.

There were various dignitaries including the Lord Mayor of Manchester and the local MP who delivered very interesting short speeches. The trustees and members of the executive committee who had been with the Radha Krishna Mandir for long period were felicitated at the event for their invaluable service to the mandir by Swami Gyananand ji Maharaj and Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya ji Maharaj. In particular, was the felicitation by both the Swami ji’s for Mr. Hari Dutt Seth, for being the oldest member present, of Hindu Religious Society since its inception and for his meritorious and invaluable services to the Radha Krishna Mandir and the local community. Both the Swami ji’s also gave blessings to the guests, yajmans and the devotees.

There was then a lunch break when a delicious priti bhojan was served.

The afternoon program was made up of the Maha Yagya, bhajans, pravachans and of great interest was the excellent religious dance performance presented by group of children which was highly appreciated by all present. 

After this, there was aarti and priti bhojan.

On Sunday 23rd June (final day), pooja started at 9am followed by the Maha Yagya with pooranahuti at 11.30 a.m.

There were very interesting and intellectual pravachans from both the respected Swami ji’s from India and the other scholars present. The bhajans by both the singers from India (Banwari Maharaj ji and Ashok Sharma ji) were so melodious and enjoyable that a lot of people were dancing and chanting, a remarkable atmosphere was created.

Moving on, to close the celebrations program the Chairman of the HRS presented a short address which was then followed by vote of thanks by some Trustees to all those , including the devotees who had made great efforts to support  the  huge function for three days.

A Golden Jubilee souvenir brochure was also released by Swami ji and this was distributed free to all the devotees present at the 3 days function.

We had a newspaper presenter, taking photographs and interviews of various groups of people. The weather was beautiful for all 3 days and with god’s grace all the events took place on a timely manner as planned, without any hiccups. The three-day function was extremely well attended by over 1500+ devotees, some from far away from Manchester. All in all, everybody present at the closing ceremony expressed that Shree Radha Krishna Mandir’s -Golden Jubilee celebrations was indeed a beautiful and colorful ceremony which we all will remember for a long time to come.