New Year Havan

by | Feb 4, 2019

New Year Havan

2019, 1st January Havan and Priti bhojan was sponsored by Surinder and Suraksha Jairath and their family.  Their family decorated the Gandhi Hall with marigold flowers, which added to the essence of the day.

Devotees came to take part in the havan and hymn singing.  Arti was performed to a full hall, with devotees taking prasad for our respected Shastriji, with a opportunity to pay homage to the dieties.  Priti bhojan was enjoyed by all.

This year our temple is gearing up to celebrate it’s 50 years at Gandhi Hall, it was announced by the secretary of HRS, Mrs Indu Seth, that there will be a three day maha yajan, where religious figures from India are being invited to preside over the function. This is a great opportunity for us, please contact our Shastriji to find out how you can help or get involved with the celebrations.